Swed-Weld is a company specialized in resistance welding and material feeding.  Focuse has always been on the demanding automotive industry from which it has significant experience.

Early in 2018, Scania became a shareholder in Swed-Weld through its venture capital fund, Scania Growth Capital. Swed-Weld is now a member of the Scania group which gives Swed-Weld access to the entire Scania Eco-system.

Swed-Welds vision has always been to provide customers with the most efficient and reliable welding systems on the market. The equipment has been designed to fit the automotive industry with superior reliability and quality in every detail. To obtain optimal production output the system monitors the entire welding process by controls before, during and after the welding.

Feeding systems are a critical part of the production and needs to be reliable. Feeding machines from Swed-Weld are carefully tested before delivery to customers.
In 2013 Swed-Weld became the main supplier of feeding systems to Volvo Cars.

Modularisation has been a leading star at Swed-Weld since the start. Shorter lifecycles in the manufacturing industry forces the machines to be flexible. To handle this challenge, Swed-Weld has developed a unique assortment of nut- and bolt feeders and welding machines. When changing fasteners in the production the equipment can easily be modified to be used in new production lines.